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  6,550,000 บาท
  5,200,000 บาท
  8,500,000 บาท
  12,000,000 baht
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  25,000 บาท
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 Noble - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
a : possessing very high or excellent qualities or properties <noble wine>. b : very good or excellent. 4. : grand or impressive especially in appearance <noble ...

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 NOBLE, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement ...
The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives(NOBLE)has been providing training and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies ...

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 Home » Noble Corporation
Operating approximately 50 offshore drilling rigs worldwide.

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 Noble - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Noble may refer to: Nobility, a hereditary caste; Noble gas, chemical elements in group 18 (old-style Group 0) of the periodic table; Noble metal, metals that are ...

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 Noble | Define Noble at
/ˈnoʊ bəl/ Show Spelled [noh-buh l] Show IPA adjective, no·bler, no·blest, noun. adjective. 1. distinguished by rank or title. 2. pertaining to persons so ...

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 Noble Automotive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Noble Automotive Ltd., more commonly known simply as Noble, is a British sports car manufacturer. It was established in 1999 by Lee Noble in Leeds, West ...

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 Noble Energy
Noble Energy, Inc. is a leading independent energy company with a diverse portfolio of high-quality assets, a track record of success and a sound strategy for ...

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